Check your status check twice.

Today a friend I hadn’t seen in two week came to me, eagerly wanting to try my game.

With a confident smile I handed him my tablet and started to talk about the android version, the updates I’ve made and all…
On his very first attempt he managed to find a glitch, and an invincibility one it was on top of that.

The glitch is simple to reproduce, while having no shield get hit by 2 bars at the same time and you’re invincible. Thankfully a glitch like this is simple enough to track. Here’s the faulty line of code if you’d like to have a go at it:

if global.shield = -1{

Getting hit by a bar renders a “global.shield -1“, if you don’t have a shield (shield = 0) it kills you. However if you get hit by two bars, it jumps straight to -2 and you never die.
“always expect the unexpected” couldn’t be more true, especially when working with code.
The fix is simple:

if global.shield < 0{

That way not matter how many bars hit you, it will take you down.
Lesson learnt, always check your status checks, especially when they deal with key elements in your game.

Once can never have too many testers,
Cheers to Simon the Glitch Finder.
Until then…


What now?

Hello everybody,

Time to bring you guys some news, now that my first game is on the Play Store, it’s only normal to wonder what’s going to happen next.

Well, to tell you the truth, exams are just around the corner… Although entries may slow down for a bit, fear not! I have a lot planned for the future!

Firstly Something Small will be regularly updated with new and exciting features! Thanks to some early feedback offered by friends and relatives, I’ve added shields. Implementing them took a long, hard day of work,  but considering what it added to the gameplay, it was well worth it. Thanks guys!

Many more features will be added: power ups, a pause menu, additional sounds, tilt controls, a reworked difficulty curve, different game modes… just to name a few!
I also plan on tackling the music soon and composing a catchy little tune for the game.

Screenshot_2013-04-28-21-51-20Something Small is, like the name implies, a small project which evolved out of my desire to get a feel for the publishing process, to learn from my mistakes and avoid making them in my future games, and hopefully get some people interested on the way.

What the future holds for Pumkinwaffle’s Games:

-As a more short-term goal, I’m working on a new game designed for phones/tablets.

I have great hopes for this app and will be dedicating my summer to making it. While the graphics are still in the early stages, the engine is now in alpha version.  I don’t have much to say about it yet but one thing I can say is that it will be a platformer, but so far even the early alpha version of it was enjoyed by my testers. :)

-Game-making tutorials are on the go, not focused on one language in particular but more on the ideas and mechanics behind my games.

-A development log on the new Android game I am working on is also on it’s way. The idea would be to share thoughts on game art and design, explained through different sketches and choices I will make in the design of this game.

A rather beefy post today folks, thanks to you all for reading it.
Until next time…

Play Store Ahoy!

Well it is done. I made the jump, I now own a Google developer account!
What does that mean? Well other than the fact I’m now 20€ short…
Something Small will make it to the Google Play Store soon. The 48h wait for the payment to be processed by google is litterally killing me.

I’ve been working really hard on the android port and I am that close to considering it “release worthy”. It now has a touch interface, reworked menus and best of all it will be completely free without ads.
I’m hoping donations will some day cover the costs of making the game (while the developer account fees are reasonable, the game maker software cost me an arm and leg)

So keep an eye out for it in the next coming days, or simply check back here for a link to it. Also if any fellow developer could suggest some websites that would reference my game it would be greatly appreciated.

Have a good day.
Until then…


Good day everyone and welcome to my blog!
A place dedicated to games, development logs, tutorials and thoughts.

There’s a lot more on the way. In the meantime I suggest you take a look at my latest game Something Small.

If you’re interested in making games check back in the coming days for a post summing up the tools I use and my workflow.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas.
Until then…