Are you animated?

Well there it is, my animation La Valise is now online.

Make sure you watch it in 720p to catch all the details.

Allow me to write a few line on the process.

The idea of this work is simple as it is effective. The principle applied here the one of  zoetrope.

Each bit of the animation is a 16 frame loop, evenly spaced on a spinning disk. With a careful balance between camera’s the shutter speed and the rotation. The circle travels 1/16th of a turn between each frame. That way, in each frame the position of the squares doesn’t change, however the content cycles creating the animation.

Of course this is only possible with the very fast shutter speed of modern cameras. Which, when executed correctly, cancels out any motion blur. (pretty much any DSLR can achieve this, I used a canon 550D with a 50mm f/1.8)

A lot of work it was. Considering the animation was drawn on 250 5x5cm squares hand-cut, with love.

handcutting squares with love

The drawing part took place over one and half days, driving and my good friend Simon mad by the end of it.

If you haven’t seen Simon’s work yet, I strongly suggest you head to his channel to have a look. He’s very talented.

I hope this little “behind the scenes” was interesting,
Expect a in-depth look at dimensions in platformer games real soon.

Until then…



Good evening folks,
It’s been a while so I figured I’d pop in and give you some news. As I mentioned earlier, things are relatively quiet on the coding side with my exams coming up, 30th of May being the date. However that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

When making a booklet for an exhibition, I decided to print out some stickers too. Sadly enough the printer’s place didn’t have any vinyl sticker paper but seeing the results on plain paper I’m considering ordering a batch of it.

Anyhow my method of transportation has now been officially branded.

And got the Doggy seal of approval.


Other than that I have a pretty big animation in the works, it should be finished in a day or two. If you haven’t seen any of my animations yet feel free to take a look.

As for coding, if you have Something Small installed on your phone you’ve probably noticed the update: implementation of a menu and pause button. The update was a little rushed and isn’t perfectly polished but time is lacking, better to have new features than no features at all!

I may also have a playable demo of a new game, but that would be for another post…

Expect more on that real soon
Until then…