Hey folks!
Just popping in to let you know I didn’t die or give up.

Lack of funds put me in a sticky situation resulting in a hurried house move, but it’s all done now. I am writing to you from our new place, on public wifi (my router got lost by the postman of course!) While everything is not completely set yet, I feel things are finally starting to settle and I should be able to continue developing Pinguino soon.

Despite such an exhausting month my dog is excited about me making games again.
Diego smile

Now I have been thinking and I feel Pinguino has a lot more to offer than a small 8 bit game rushed out in a week, but fear not for I have a plan! I am going to finish the current version and release it! It will have 20 levels and be an arcade type game.

And once that is done, I’ll move from Game Maker to Unity and make it a complete adventure game, with more of a visual appeal and an in-depth plot. It might sound a little vague so let me show you the first concept art I made for it.

Pinguino concept art 1It will be quite an adventure and I’ll make sure to share my journey with you guys.

Until then… until then….

CLICK on the image to get a full res version for your desktop!


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