Level Complete!

Good evening everybody!

Much progress was made today, in both life and in developing Pinguino!

Firstly I got a Job, nothing amazing but it will allow me to get by. As for Pinguino, I’ve been improving the UI today and I’ve also started to work on the ranking system of the game, which is the last “code heavy” piece missing from the game.

While the coding part may be almost complete. Figuring out the time the time for bronze, silver and gold star on all the levels is going to be a task of its own.Pinguino - level complete mockup

There is still a lot of levels to be designed and sounds to be created but that’s the fun part so it’s okay :D

The only unresolved issue is using two collision masks for one object in game maker (The balloon needs a hitbox of his own in order to pop when touching spikes, without Pinguino dying). Hopefully I’ll find a way , otherwise I’ll have to rework the game engine…

That’s it for today folks, so tired I can barely type.
I’m off to watch cartoons in bed.

Until then!


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