Jump animation

Good afternoon my dear readers!

I am writing to you on this blazing hot day, as usual, to bring you news.

The work on Pinguino is proving to be efficient, as I now have an  alpha version that some friends are family members are testing as I am writing this. So much progress and yet so many doubts and questions remain. Upon starting to design the 6th level of the game I started to hit a wall. How many levels can this game really have without a narrative or news mechanics appearing throughout the game.

Maybe I should go back to the drafting board, maybe I should invest more time into this project rather than rushing it. I suppose those questions will answer themselves once I start hearing back from my testers. I’m also planning on making a video of a run through the game as it is now, and hopefully get some extra feedback from youtube.

Amongst other things Pinguino now does a little victory dance when he completes a level.

Pinguino Victory Animation

Oh and I also added a jump animation, well actually a jump doesn’t have an animation it’s commonly a single frame (even in mario!). Either ways it’s in the game now, and it makes things much nicer.

Oh and by the way one can never have too many beta testers, if you’re interested send me an email.

Until then…


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