Moving forward

Good evening my dear readers!

Tonight I bring you wonderful news! Today my mother offered me a great present for my birthday that I am sure you will all enjoy as well! That would be of course a domain and host for this blog.

Are you not exited yet? Well I know I am and here’s why. First of all I will have complete freedom regarding the look and functions of the website but also, the domain belonging to me, I can upload whatever I want!

In other words browser games! The first one is going to be something small, as it finished and relatively simple, the port shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Along with that should be another small game that I am currently working on, as a way to learn to use the Unity engine. I have indeed started to tackle the beast, which I have to say, offers an amazing amount of possibilities.
Now of course I didn’t forget Pinguino, but like I mentioned in the previous post, it’s currently being testing and I need a break to come back to it with a fresh mind and good advice from my testers.

Hopefully a great deal is going to happen between now and the end of the month. My goal being to finish as many on going projects and becoming familiar with Unify and 3Dsmax, two tools I am going to heavily rely on for my projects in school next year. My brain is buzzing will the information I gathered so far and yet there so much more I need to learn for everything to take shape but fear not! It is all far too exciting for me to slow down now!

I’ll see on my new website.
Until then,


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