This is the old address.

Well then it is done!

The new website is up and running, it has games playable online a completely revamped look and much more.

So waste no more time here and head over there instead:


Moving forward

Good evening my dear readers!

Tonight I bring you wonderful news! Today my mother offered me a great present for my birthday that I am sure you will all enjoy as well! That would be of course a domain and host for this blog.

Are you not exited yet? Well I know I am and here’s why. First of all I will have complete freedom regarding the look and functions of the website but also, the domain belonging to me, I can upload whatever I want!

In other words browser games! The first one is going to be something small, as it finished and relatively simple, the port shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Along with that should be another small game that I am currently working on, as a way to learn to use the Unity engine. I have indeed started to tackle the beast, which I have to say, offers an amazing amount of possibilities.
Now of course I didn’t forget Pinguino, but like I mentioned in the previous post, it’s currently being testing and I need a break to come back to it with a fresh mind and good advice from my testers.

Hopefully a great deal is going to happen between now and the end of the month. My goal being to finish as many on going projects and becoming familiar with Unify and 3Dsmax, two tools I am going to heavily rely on for my projects in school next year. My brain is buzzing will the information I gathered so far and yet there so much more I need to learn for everything to take shape but fear not! It is all far too exciting for me to slow down now!

I’ll see on my new website.
Until then,

Jump animation

Good afternoon my dear readers!

I am writing to you on this blazing hot day, as usual, to bring you news.

The work on Pinguino is proving to be efficient, as I now have an  alpha version that some friends are family members are testing as I am writing this. So much progress and yet so many doubts and questions remain. Upon starting to design the 6th level of the game I started to hit a wall. How many levels can this game really have without a narrative or news mechanics appearing throughout the game.

Maybe I should go back to the drafting board, maybe I should invest more time into this project rather than rushing it. I suppose those questions will answer themselves once I start hearing back from my testers. I’m also planning on making a video of a run through the game as it is now, and hopefully get some extra feedback from youtube.

Amongst other things Pinguino now does a little victory dance when he completes a level.

Pinguino Victory Animation

Oh and I also added a jump animation, well actually a jump doesn’t have an animation it’s commonly a single frame (even in mario!). Either ways it’s in the game now, and it makes things much nicer.

Oh and by the way one can never have too many beta testers, if you’re interested send me an email.

Until then…

How are levels made?

Well hello there!

I’m writing to you from the bus today, I figured I might as well write a little something since there’s not much else to do.

Having spent most of the day outside for job interviews, I used that time to draft levels for Pinguino. It doesn’t look like much yet since the platforms are grid based and the game engine is nearly finished, the levels are a treat to design and will pretty much work no matter what.

Each levels has a key word and small draft of the idea behind it and that’s enough. Hopefully you can make some sense of it. If anything it goes to show level designs can be spontaneous.Pinguino - level desgn draft

When I get home tonight I’ll add what finished level looks like and talk a bit about level design in game maker.

Until then :)

And I’m back to say things that are actually interesting this time.

Like I mentioned earlier, level design is to me a really pleasant part of making a game. Once all the tedious aspects of creating the engine and the graphics are out of way. You’re left with a nice background and giant box of stickers to create your own world.
Because that’s what it actually is, in game maker and in pretty much any level editor (in 2D that is, of course). You have a grid, set to your own needs so blocks align nicely, and you simply place your objects to create the level.

Pinguino being an arcade type game, my levels begin short and become increasingly big and more challenging as you progress. The goal is really simple (collect all the fish before time runs out) and the levels themselves are pretty simple too, and mostly orientated around one main mechanic/idea, hence the names on the drafts.

Now as grand premier, let me present to you level 5!
Pinguino - Level 5Now of course this is the view in the editor, in-game it would look more like this.Pinguino - level 5 actual viewPinguino is nearing completion my friend, just  little more patience.

Until then


Level Complete!

Good evening everybody!

Much progress was made today, in both life and in developing Pinguino!

Firstly I got a Job, nothing amazing but it will allow me to get by. As for Pinguino, I’ve been improving the UI today and I’ve also started to work on the ranking system of the game, which is the last “code heavy” piece missing from the game.

While the coding part may be almost complete. Figuring out the time the time for bronze, silver and gold star on all the levels is going to be a task of its own.Pinguino - level complete mockup

There is still a lot of levels to be designed and sounds to be created but that’s the fun part so it’s okay :D

The only unresolved issue is using two collision masks for one object in game maker (The balloon needs a hitbox of his own in order to pop when touching spikes, without Pinguino dying). Hopefully I’ll find a way , otherwise I’ll have to rework the game engine…

That’s it for today folks, so tired I can barely type.
I’m off to watch cartoons in bed.

Until then!

Getting there.


What better way to brighten up a Monday than good news! Progress on Pinguino is quite fast, and I managed to get most of the obstacles out of the way.

In two evenings I patched up the collision detection which was a little temperamental, added a timer, locked levels, some sprites and better balloon physics. Along with some minor gameplay tweaks.
The game now feels like a solid prototype, good enough for friends to test and getting close to “release worthy”.

pinguino - a solid protoype

On my to do list before release are the following:
-More sounds, and a desperate need of music
-Level complete and credit screens
-Scoring system (50% done)
-and of course adding more levels (20% done)

Until then, you can always play Something Small

Tutorials? why not!

Good morning everyone!

Well good evening actually, it seems finishing this painting and writing this amazing tutorial about it took all day.


Jokes aside, I hope you’ll enjoy the new tutorial section of this blog, it will fill up over time, and will of course include coding as well.

By the way there might be an easter egg regarding the pinguino game at the end of that tutorial so I strongly suggest you have a look at it :)

I’m now going to take a well deserved break involving a giant glass of fresh lemonade.

Until then..